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Special Examination Arrangements Application (non-SMD)

Students are required to complete and submit this form and associated medical evidence.

The deadline for completing and returning this form and supporting medical evidence in order to access Special Examination Arrangements for the 2016/17 academic year is 10/03/17.

If you have mid-term examinations and/or in-class tests then this should be submitted at least two weeks before your test date.

Special examiniation arrangements application form - downloadable version

Note: BOTH application form and medical evidence must be received before the deadline dates mentioned above in order for the application to be processed.

Read more information about applying for Special Examination Arrangements.

Application for special examination arrangements for students in the Faculties of Science & Engineering and Humanities & Social Sciences

By completing this application you are confirming that you have read and understood QMUL’s Special Examination Arrangements Policy.

* = mandatory

Personal details

  • Reason for Special Examination Arrangements Application

  • What Special Arrangements would you like to request?

DDS cannot recommend Special Examination Arrangements without supporting medical evidence. If DDS does not already have supporting evidence on file you MUST , send recent medical evidence to support this application.

You can send supporting evidence to dds@qmul.ac.uk or drop it into our office, Room 2.06 in the Bancroft Building during our usual opening hours. We will NOT be able to process your application without this. Please be sure to include your student number with your medical evidence.

By submitting this form you confirm that the above information is true. You are also agreeing that the Disability and Dyslexia Service can share this information with other University departments in order to facilitate your Special Examination Arrangements.

Please note: if your requested arrangements are agreed you are likely to be seated away from the main examination room.

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